Stable Currency &

Economic Stimulus

(Fueled by any Coin)


How it works

1 You pay exactly $1 of value in two parts to mint any oneToken (an ICHI stablecoin).
2 oneBTC is used in this example. It is worth 1 USD. It is minted with USDC and wBTC
3 The wBTC share increases as the BTC treasury grows in size.
4 The USDC is deposited to the oneBTC Vault, controlled by the oneBTC smart contract.
5 The wBTC is also deposited to the oneBTC Vault, governed by oneBTC holders.
6 Exchange wBTC for more USDC. (Rebalance)
7 Invest wBTC in DeFi (Decentralized Finance).
8 Spend wBTC on discounts and yield to grow adoption.
9 Minting and Redemption Fees stay in Collateral.
10 You get exactly $1 of USDC when you redeem a oneBTC.